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About me

I am a grad student at UC San Diego pursuing my masters in computer science. Currently, I am also a Teaching Assistant for the Fall 2016 Interaction Design course instructed by Prof. Philip Guo. Also, I currently work with Prof. Philip Guo to design better instructable systems and with Prof. Sharad Goel on the Wisdom of Crowds project.

I did my undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering at PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Work Experience

Microsoft Outlook on Office365

Worked in the Outlook team at Office365 on the Connectors team after which I moved to work on implementing the Microsoft Bot Framework on Outlook

Microsoft Bing

Built a Data pipeline using open data source including Wikipedia DBPedia and Wikidata to enhance triggering of 300,000 entities on the Bing Search Engine Knowledge panel

Co-founded Farmalytics

Making precision farming easy and affordable using wireless sensor technology with data analytics to enable farmers take data driven decisions. Winners of Facebook's innovation challenge

My Research

Investigating the Wisdom of Crowds at scale

Worked with Prof. Sharad Goel at the Stanford social systems lab to study the Wisdom of Crowds Effect. Built the Web experiment that ran on Amaon MTurk and involved in the data analytics.
"Investigating the Wisdom of Crowds at scale" - Alok Mysore, et al

Parallelizing Time Series subsequence search on Nvidia CUDA

Implemented and Optimized Time Series Sub-sequence search using the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm on NVidia CUDA. Achieved 6x performance increase the stock algorithm.

Machine learning autoscaler for Cloud Foundry

Built a autoscaler that utilizes machine learning to set application specific thresholds to scale up ans scale down based on test workloads